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Campbell, California, United States
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  • crow@well.com
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School - Glendale CA (1961 - 1966)
John Muir Middle School - Burbank CA (1966 - 1969)
Burbank High School - Burbank CA (1969 - 1972)
San Francisco State University - San Francisco CA (1971 - 1977)
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78s, 80s music, baseball, beading, biography, buddhism, campbell, caramels, cemeteries, childfree, confessions, copperplate, corsets, corvids, costumes, county fairs, crafts, creativity, cross stitch, crosswords, crows, cupcakes, dead pools, dogen, ebay, elna supermatic, embroidery, ephemera, flea markets, flickr, found photographs, fountain pens, graveyards, harbin, headstones, history, hockey, hot springs, jade, jewelry, journals, knitting, making stuff, mausolea, memoirs, moomintrolls, oddities, old photos, old stuff, outsider art, palm, parker, pond sliders, red eared sliders, san jose, sauna, secrets, serial killers, sewing, sheaffer, silicon valley, singer featherweight, stories, tandem computer, thrift stores, thrifting, tiki, tortoises, train wrecks, trainwrecks, true crime, turtles, valrhona, victrola, vintage clothes, vintage photos, vintage stuff, zazen, zen, zen buddhism

I grew up in Southern California and came to San Francisco to go to San Francisco State. I worked for a bank as a clerk, they trained me to be a COBOL programmer, and now I'm a technical writer for a computer company.

I'm married and live in the Silicon Valley.

For fun I knit, go to saunas, sew, hang out with friends, look for old stuff at flea markets, collect old photos (especially groups of people), take pictures of cemeteries, and watch baseball and hockey.

I grew up in science fiction fandom and wrote for these things called "apas" - "amateur press associations" - kind of like this, only on paper. I'm also a member of the Well, another place to talk to little people who live inside my computer.

I'm piemouth on Flickr and cawcaw on Twitter.