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19 Crows
What in the Wide World of Sports
What I'm reading, about to read 
9th-Nov-2015 07:26 pm
Finished this: Now You See Me, S. J. Bolton. I do like a good psychotic killer but somehow this one strained my credulity. It was a good read, though, and the twists and turns (a couple I saw coming, others were surprising) were very entertaining. I'm enjoying going back over the bits where an omniscient narrator shared information, though in the very first one there was foreshadowing that didn't actually pay off.

However I have a hard time overlooking these annoying cliches:
- The detective protagonist and narrator is messed up, disturbed by something in her past. No friends.
- She takes stupid chances (NO DON'T GO AFTER THE KILLER ALONE!), conceals info she should be sharing (but that's kind of the point of the book, I suppose.)
- She and another detective immediately take a dislike to each other so you know they're going to hook up.

It's hard to imagine Lacey Flint as a continuing character after this book though apparently it's the first in a series. I may be curious enough to look for more by this writer. I may not.

Last week I started Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively but have not got very far with it. I'm liking it so far and I want to finish so I can read The Girl With All the Gifts which a friend just lent me.
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