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19 Crows

What in the Wide World of Sports


I grew up in Southern California and came to San Francisco to go to San Francisco State. I worked for a bank as a clerk, they trained me to be a COBOL programmer, and now I'm a technical writer for a computer company.

I'm married and live in the Silicon Valley.

For fun I knit, go to saunas, sew, hang out with friends, look for old stuff at flea markets, collect old photos (especially groups of people), take pictures of cemeteries, and watch baseball and hockey.

I grew up in science fiction fandom and wrote for these things called "apas" - "amateur press associations" - kind of like this, only on paper. I'm also a member of the Well, another place to talk to little people who live inside my computer.

I'm piemouth on Flickr and cawcaw on Twitter.